January 19, 2013


I am a 58 year old male, in a 32 year abusive marriage.
I recently discovered that I have Autism.
I believe my wife abuses me, and nobody believes me.

My son is currently fighting for his life and good name after being physically and mentally abused by his ex wife in Ohio. He has been on dialysis for almost 5 years now and Thank God he is now divorced and they had no children together. He was a good stepfather to her 3 children. She didn't want to deal with his illness and was on her 4 affair in their 9 years together. She has called the police many time's during an argument to tell them he hit her and he has never hit her. One time her son ran out and told the police "He did not hit my mom". The last time police were called, the kids were not at home and she finally had him arrested. I have written letters to the Governor and several other departments trying to get this resolved. The guys need someone who will listen, investigate and presume "innocent until proven guilty"!!!! Women who do this should be punished with a fine and sentenced to jail!

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