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March 12, 2009


My ex was an athlete in school, who muscled up, and then, got fat. She got me in a choke hold from behind. She outweighted me by twenty pounds (I was never athletic) and started to cut off my air.

I broke free with an elbow to her ribs. Than I ran like hell. Guess which side the police accused of "domestic violence!"

Hello, John --

This is a problem that still sems prevalent in our country. Current statistics from the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) have shown that 30 percent of domestic violence is female to male.

Yet many police officers still think that only men are the abusers.

The good news is that many areas of law enforcement are beginning to train their personnel to do more problem solving at the scene of DV. They question to find out who started the physical fight, who threw the first punch, so to speak.

In many cases, the woman is injured because the man fought back against her physical violence towards him. So the woman goes to jail.

In other cases, I've read that if the police can't decide who threw that first punch, they arrest *both* the man and the woman.

I hope you've recovered from this incident and have been able to go on with your life.

Lynn Melville
Author, Boomerang Love

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