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April 27, 2007


It's not just that men don't talk about it. Men are laughed at and ridiculed when they admit to being abused and it's only recently that resources for male victims of DV have started being offered.

For the longest time domestic violence groups in fact said if a male is a victim it's because he's abusing his wife as it's impossible for a woman to initiate DV.

It's also cultural. Violence against men whether it's women or men doing it to men is entertainment. When it's men doing it to men it's action and when it's women doing it to men it's comedy.

I agree with you, Andrew. I was speaking with a mental health professional just this last month and heard him say (incorrectly) that "Only 1 percent of domestic violence is women against men." He had books and authors to quote, from the classes he took in college.

I was stunned that even tho the CDC statistics are out there, stating that 30 percent of domestic violence incidents in this country are women against men, the old perceptions still persist.

We're in the pioneer stage of bringing the issue of female to male violence to light with the public and more importantly, getting help for abused men.

I was speaking yesterday with the woman who coordinates the National Domestic Abuse Hotline for Men and Women (1-888-743-5754).

She said that even tho their publicity is minimal, over 6,000 men call her counseling hotline every year, finding it on the Internet. She said they would be totally overwhelmed by phone calls if the agency got the publicity it needs.

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